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Deductible payment plans no financing, no interest, no credit checks

ASURED™ enables automatic payment of deductibles over time and provides proof and record of the agreement to pay so services can be started promptly.

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$250 paid

$2,750 balance


Paid on Jan 1, 2022 · 4111


Autopay on Feb 1, 2022


Autopay on Mar 1, 2022


Autopay on Apr 1, 2022


Autopay on May 1, 2022


The deductible solution for everyone


Pay your insurance deductible over time


Gain a competitive edge with homeowners

Medical facilities

Turning away patients is a thing of the past

Auto repair shops

Don't let auto deductibles get in your way


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How it works

Creating a deductible payment plan


Payment plan is proposed

A service provider works with a policyholder to determine a monthly payment amount, sending an email to the policyholder with a link to sign the agreement and make their first payment.

$250 / month

$3,000 deductible · 12 months

Send proposal


Policyholder signs and pays

Once the policyholder follows the link in their email, they will finish setting up their account, review the proposed payment terms, sign, and make their first payment.


Contractor & Co LLC

Deductible amount


Down payment



$250 / month

Due today


•••• •••• •••• ••••

Agree and pay


Work can get started

Once the proposed agreement is signed, a PDF of the contract is generated to be shared with the insurance company, allowing the service provider to begin work.


Payment Agreement


What people are saying

The number one issue my clients have when filing a home insurance claim is paying their deductible in full. They cannot “afford” to get a new roof by paying their deductible in full.

Tyler Pahl • Insurance Agent

Insurance Solutions Group, LLC (ISG)

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