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Limited Time Pricing

Free membership
for first deductible

Standard recurring membership required after the first deductible.

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Policyholders are rolled in automatic monthly payments by default.

Payment reminders

Policyholders who are not enrolled in autopay will receive email reminders.

Unlimited team accounts

Add team member on your account to create payment plans on your behalf.

Unlimited payment plans

Create as many deductible payment plans as you would like.

Daily rolling payouts

Recieve payouts on a daily basis from policyholder payments.

Proof and record

See a record of all payments and download a PDF of any signed agreement.

Everything you need for $750 a year with a 10.5% processing fee after your first deductible.

Frequently asked questions

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How much does the service cost?

Beyond the first deductible, ASURED™ requires an annual membership of $750 and applies a 10.5% service fee on all payments.

How much does the service cost the policyholder?

No fees are passed on to the policyholder.

What is included in the annual membership?

All ASURED™ features are included with the standard annual membership.

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